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Pentrebane Primary School

We learn, we achieve, we care, we make a difference

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Pentrebane Primary School

We learn, we achieve, we care, we make a difference

Moonstone & Coral

Welcome to Nursery!

Here you will be able to find out about the recent projects and activities we have been involved in.
Look out for Class News here too!
Information sheet for parents/guardians.
Nursery Sessions
Morning nursery: 9.00 – 11.30.
Door will be locked at 9:10am
Afternoon nursery: 1.00 – 3.30.
Door will be locked at 1:10pm
Please use the main entrance if you are late.
Nursery Staff
Teacher: Mrs C. Rees
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Questa
Teaching Assistant: Ms N Hewitt

Children are encouraged to wear school uniform.
Boys - navy trousers, navy jumper and blue or white polo shirt.
Girls - navy skirt, dress or trousers and blue or white polo shirt.
Every Friday children are asked to wear joggers or old trousers as they take part in Forest School activities in the woodland area.
Snack Money
We ask for a £1 donation for your child's snack every Monday. This covers them for the week. Snack includes toast, fruit, yoghurt, crackers and cheese, crumpets, muffins, crisps, biscuits, cake. They are also given a small bottle of school milk. If your child does not like milk or has an allergy to it then please provide them with a drink each day, e.g. squash.
Forest School Sessions
The children will be taking part in Forest School sessions every other Thursday morning (Coral) and Thursday afternoon (Moonstone). This will involve going to the woodland and learning about looking after the area, exploring for themselves and taking part in directed lessons. Therefore it is vitally important that all children should be properly dressed for the activity. We will be taking part in all weather conditions, as long as it is safe to do so. Waterproof clothing and wellies will be supplied but if you wish your child to have their own, please send them into school. It is also important in hot sunny weather, that your child wear sun cream and a sun hat. Their body should be also covered, as brambles and stingy nettles could cause irritations if your child is not adequately dressed. Please label all clothing and wellies.


Please make sure your child only wears stud earrings to nursery.

Please phone the school if your child is absent (especially if it a long absence) or let a member of staff know when your child returns to school.
Change of Collection Arrangements
Please tell us if someone else will be collecting your child or if you will be late collecting them.
Topics For The Year
Autumn Term 1- It's a Colourful World

Autumn Term 2- Catch a Falling Star

Spring Term 1- Nursery Rhymes and Counting Rhymes
Spring Term 2- Easter

Summer Term 1- Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Summer Term 2- Pirates and Mermaids

Reading Books
When your child recognises most of their letter sounds and are confident at talking about pictures and stories, they will start on the school's reading scheme. They will bring home a reading book which you will have to read to them. You will need to ask your child questions about the pictures/story and encourage them to talk about the characters. They will only be required to read the large words in the first set of books.