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We learn, we achieve, we care, we make a difference

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Pentrebane Primary School

We learn, we achieve, we care, we make a difference

Celebration Assembly

What a lovely time we have in our Celebration Assembly on a Friday.  A massive Congratulations to the following winners:

19th January

Congratulations to Sarah, Anqi, Kian, Jacob, Ethan, Beckett, Finley, Kyron, Megan, Autumn, Hollie, Kian, Eliana, Polina, Layla, Noah and Tianna.

12th January 2024

Happy New Year and congratulations to: Layla, Chloe, Mason, Lola, Hollie, Shiley, Sienna, Phoebe, Roman, Lara, Raghad, Ruben, Thea, Elijah, Kian, Liam, Eliana, Opal class.

Friday 17th November

Well done to this week's winners: Kian, Hoa EN, Kyryn, Harley, Phoebe, Roman, Izaac, Xintong, Cindy, Vame, Summer, Stephen, Hollie, Jacob, Daisey, Mya and Elyah.

Friday 10th November

What a great start to the new term! Congratulations to our superstars: Elijah, Kamari, Kobi, Tobias, Oscar P., Paige, Kian, Lily, Riya, Scarlett, Theo, Oscar D., Reubun and Tom.

Thursday 26th October

Our final half term stars and pupils of the week are: Zac, Scarlett, Sarah, Riley, Beckett, Ava, Amelia, Dylan, Hao En, Caya, Becky, Lily, Abi and Annie. Well done all!

Friday 20th October

It has been a long old half term and these children are STILL showing us what stars they are:

Ayla, Paige, Ariana, Darcie, Phoebe, Noah, Thea, Levi, Stefane, Kai, Jaxson, Summer, Carter, Anqi, Tom and Rohan.

Friday 13th October

More stars and pupils of the week to celebrate this week! Well done to Molly, Emerald class, Amelia, Cindy, Mila, Morgan, Ava C., Lily, Polina, Caya, Vame, Abi, Raghad, Ava F., Riya and Ethan!

Friday 29th September


Well done to our pupils and stars of the week:

Lara, Jaylen, Muamed, Carter, Vame, Liam, Xintong, Kian, Tom, Renesmae, Theo, Ava, Mason, Georgie, Stephen, Jack and Riley.

Friday 22nd September

Massive congratulations to Liam, Hao, Amelia, Koen, JR, Sara, Shiley, Scarlett, Roman, Jack, Robyn, Lola, Mila, Ava, Kian, Irsha and Amelia for being our pupils and stars of the week.

Friday 15th September


Well done to Kyryn, Maisie, Millie, Sienna, Eliana and Opal Class who were our pupils of the week.

Congrats to Jasmine, Pearl Class, Summer, Lola, Harvey, Riley and Becky who were our stars of the week.

Friday 8th September


Lily, Autumn, Ivy-Mae, Corbyn, and the WHOLE of Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite and Amethyst classes!